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Internet Effects Acceptable Use Policy (POLICY)

Last Updated August 24, 2015

Internet Effects Customers must confirm they have read and agree to the current AUP upon account activation and account login.

This Acceptable Use Policy ("POLICY") governs use of services provided by Internet Effects LLC ("Internet Effects", or "we") to its customers ("Customer", or "you"). By using Internet Effects services, you agree to be bound by both the terms and conditions of this POLICY. Internet Effects may terminate its services to you if Internet Effects believes that you have violated any of this posted POLICY.

If you do not agree to be bound by this agreement or any of its terms and conditions, you should immediately end your use of Internet Effects services and notify Internet Effects that you wish to close your account.

Internet Effects may change, update or otherwise alter the POLICY at any time. Such changes will be posted at this location along with the POLICY effective date. You agree to review the POLICY periodically and if any change is unacceptable to you, you agree to immediately terminate your subscription or any use of the access account by written (email, fax or letter) to Internet Effects. Use of the Internet Effects services after the effective date of any change constitutes acceptance of the POLICY and agreement with all terms and conditions.

1. Introduction

This Acceptable Use Policy applies to all customers of Internet Effects. The POLICY provides a general understanding of Internet Effects's policy on the Acceptable Use of the Internet Effects systems, services and resources. It is designed to help protect our service, our customers, and the Internet community from irresponsible or illegal activities. Internet Effects expects that common sense and good judgment will guide all of our customers' activities on the Internet.

Internet Effects will report to law enforcement authorities any actions which may be considered illegal, as well as any reports it receives of such conduct. When requested, Internet Effects will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies in any investigation of alleged illegal activity on the Internet.

Internet Effects does not monitor the activity of accounts except for measurements of system utilization and billing records. However, Internet Effects reserves the right to examine user directories and server contents if there is reason to believe their contents violate any legal statutes or the POLICY.

If an Internet Effects account is used to violate the POLICY, our preferred course of action is to advise the account owner of the inappropriate behavior and what actions are needed to correct the violation. However, Internet Effects reserves the right to terminate service immediately for willful or flagrant violations of the POLICY.

In the event that an account is temporarily deactivated as a result of any prohibited activities, the account may be subject to reactivation charges and/or deposit requirements to be determined by Internet Effects. Customer understands that Internet Effects has the right to terminate any account for any reason that Internet Effects interprets as an abuse of the account. Customer's sole remedy is to receive a refund for prepaid but unused services; however, administrative charges for time spent by Internet Effects dealing with the account abuse (billed at $150.00/hour) may be charged to the customer.

2. Policies

2.1. Internet Effects accounts may be used only by the authorized owners of the accounts except where specifically authorized by Internet Effects system administrators. REVEALING YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD TO OTHERS OR ALLOWING USE OF YOUR ACCOUNT BY OTHERS IS EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED AND IS GROUNDS FOR IMMEDIATE TERMINATION.

2.1.1. You may not provide access or our contact information to third parties for assistance with transfers of services or domain names to third parties. Internet Effects does not assist customers or third parties in the use, configuration, or transfer of services to other parties. Furthermore, Internet Effects does not assist or participate in the transfer away of any domain name except as required by ICANN policy or in accordance with the policy of its designated registrar. Internet Effects does not assist or participate in the transfer away of any content or assets except to convey assets to you that you are legally entitled to.

2.2. Internet Effects accounts and services may be used for lawful purposes only. Use of an Internet Effects account or service in an illegal manner will result in immediate termination of the account. Activities which are prohibited as potentially illegal include, but are not limited to:

2.2.1. Unauthorized copying of copyrighted material without the consent of the copyright holder.

2.2.2. Exportation of software or technical information in violation of U.S. exports control laws.

2.2.3. Making fraudulent offers of items, products, or services originating from your account.

2.2.4. Threatening bodily harm or property damage to individuals or groups. (Email harassment is discussed in further detail in Provision 3 of the POLICY).

2.3. Use of an Internet Effects account to gain passwords, encryption codes, or attempt to alter or destroy data belonging to Internet Effects or another user on any computer network is ground for immediate termination. This includes storing illegally obtained information of any sort.

2.3.1. Use of an Internet Effects account or server to attempt to determine security weaknesses of an Internet host, whether or not that information is used to exploit the exposed weaknesses (e.g. port scanning).

2.3.2. Use of an Internet Effects account or server to gain unauthorized access to any Internet host.

2.4. Distribution of malicious software which contributes to or assists in "mail-bombing" or "spamming" is strictly forbidden.

2.5. Use of Internet Effects's authoritative DNS servers or their addresses for services not provided by Internet Effects is prohibited.

3. Email

The following email and support-related actions are prohibited:

3.1. Sending unsolicited email for the purpose of advertising or soliciting, or using Internet Effects's email address to collect responses from unsolicited email.

3.1.1. Sending unsolicited email (as above) from other than the Internet Effects system, will be considered a violation of the POLICY when complaints about the activity have been directed to the Internet Effects administrators as a provider to Customer.

3.2. Attempting to impersonate any person, using forged headers or other identifying information, or modifying message headers in an attempt to conceal or otherwise obscure your identity.

3.3. Harassing other users of the Internet "spamming", which constitutes sending of the same or substantially similar unsolicited electronic mail messages to a large number of recipients, or more than ten (10) similar mail messages to the same email address or 10Mb of data to a newsgroup.

3.4. Using an email box exclusively as a storage space for data.

3.5. Sending threatening or harassing email (for example, threatening physical injury or damage to persons or property).

3.6. Mail bombing or sending email messages of such size and/or frequency as to cause disruption of the recipient's email service and/or that of any mail servers involved in handling the message(s).

3.7. Sending threatening, harrassing, insulting or nonsensical emails, or other undesirable emails to representatives of Internet Effects, or otherwise abusing Internet Effects support services by email, telephone, voicemail, or other means of communication. Violations of this provision will be considered flagrant violations of the POLICY.

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